Angi's Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie



  • To your blender, add: blueberries, kale or spinach, avocado, almond or coconut butter, cinnamon, salt, cocoa powder and your liquid of choice.

  • Blend until smooth

  • You can also add ice to desired consistency and temperature — personally I don‘t like cold drinks so I don‘t add ice to mine but my husband adds a ton of it‘s personal preference.

  • After blending (you don‘t want to pulverize protein or collagen powders), gently mix in protein powder and collagen hydrolysate

  • Top with cocoa nibs or coconut flakes to taste

Tag me @angigreene if you make a smoothie! I love seeing everyone's different versions!

Angi Fletcher | Smoothie Recipe
Angi's Favorite Smoothie | Angi's Kitchen #angi5