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 Hi Friends! I’m so glad you’re here!

I’ve been on Instagram for 6 years now and I’m at the point where I want to deepen our community and offer more resources. I don’t consider myself an “influencer”, but rather: an educator, as I only promote things that I actually use authentically in my life and with my family. I don’t believe we go through anything just for ourselves — I believe we’re here on earth to help others. My mission is to have this website serve as a lighthouse. Every raw word, every vulnerable thing shared — this is just my mess, hopefully turned into a message, and this website is a collection of tools that have helped me find my way out of some of life’s darkest moments.

Angi Fletcher | Turning my Mess into a Message


Here are some powerful tools that have helped me along the way: podcasts, videos, articles, Ted Talks…..consider this the coach in your ear.



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Your perspective is always limited by how much you know. Expand your knowledge and you will transform your mind.
— Dr. Bruce Lipton



Here’s your invitation into my kitchen, my medicine cabinet, my personal space. All my favorite products, from my home to yours.



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“I am not as afraid as I used to be. Fear is an illusion and action is my super power.”