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Think of this like going over to a girlfriend’s house and seeing what she really uses. These are the products my family and I use and love, and this is my invitation to you.

Omega Juicer

I have the mega mouth vertical low speed it’s amazing! Minimal counter space and very sturdy perfect for my little helper!

Joov Red Light Therapy

I'm absolutely in love with my Joovv red light therapy device. I have more energy, improved sleep, and better skin tone & texture. I can't recommend it enough!

Therasage INFRARED sauna

Personal Portable Red Light & Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna. Use the discount code “Angi10” at checkout!

Pur03 Activated Oxygen Skin Care

Designed with purity and chemical sensitivity in mind, their products contain only organic oils and pure oxygen. Simple, safe and pure. Use code “Angi15” at checkout!

Colugo Baby Carrier

Ocean is almost 1 yrs old and I still carry her for hikes, grocery shopping or even around the house when she is teething and needs some extra love but mama needs to cook dinner! Use code “angigreene” at checkout for $20 off!

Colugo Baby Stroller

Folds with one hand, fits almost anywhere, and comes with a machine-washable layer. It’s everything you need to get out and explore with your mini partner-in-crime. Use code “angigreene” at checkout for $20 off!

Beauty Counter: my makeup and skin care

See all the products I use for my daily skin care routine, and my regular makeup routine!

Almond Cow Milk Maker

The easiest and quickest way to make healthy, homemade nut and seed milks! Used code “angigreene” at checkout for a discount!

Beekeepers Naturals

Rich in enzymes, minerals, and antioxidants, real raw honey is a powerful supporter of internal balance and overall wellness. Use code “angi15” at checkout for a discount!

Branch Basics

Their multi-purpose cleaning concentrate is refillable and makes cleaning simple, affordable and sustainable. Simply dilute the concentrate with water and you’re good to go!

Coffee Enema Kit

Everything you need to do an at-home coffee enema! From Pure Life Health Equipment — a woman owned and operated business! 

Elemental Superfoods

Any of their superfood bars or crumbles! Pure, raw greatness to satisfy any sweet tooth. Perfectly sweet & satisfying snack that provides sustainable energy. Use code “angi15” at checkout for a discount!

Oura Ring

Sleep & activity tracker! The Oura Ring gives daily feedback to improve your health, and helps you better understand your body and reach your goals. Simply click the photo or link above and save $50!

Mary Ruth Organics

Healthy supplements for the whole family. Created by MaryRuth - a certified health educator, nutritional consultant, and culinary chef. Her mission is to provide wholesome supplements she feels great about giving to her own family.

Samina Beds

Healthy sleep is the most natural source of performance, vitality and energy. SAMINA promotes healthy sleep with high-quality organic natural products, and all product innovations are uniquely shaped by insights from modern sleep medicine and sleep psychology.

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