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Angi Fletcher has built up her 150,000+ Instagram following organically, before influencers were "a thing".

She has a unique way of putting words to emotions dealing with subjects like death, divorce and depression in a raw, vulnerable, highly relateable way. Her willingness to share her "real life" has built up a high level of trust and attracted a loyal following of people who have been with her since the beginning.

Angi describes herself as an educator, not an influencer. She is highly invested in the products that she chooses to share with her followers and only works with companies that are in line with her authentic wellness lifestyle.

In Angi's words,

"What I bring to a company is an engaged following that wants to do what I'm doing. As such, I have a responsibility to my followers and only share the most tested and researched products that I would personally use in my own home with my family. Collaborations are a win-win-win because for me: I'm getting paid for my time. For my followers, because they're getting a well researched, in-depth intro to a company that they wouldn't have otherwise known about. And for companies, because I invest my time in researching and sharing their products to a responsive, interested audience."


Current Partnerships:

Angi Fletcher | Partnerships: Beauty Counter

Beauty Counter

Angi Fletcher | Partnerships: Joov Red Light Therapy

Joov Red Light Therapy

Angi Fletcher | Partnerships: Almond Cow

Almond Cow Milk Maker

Mary Ruth Organics

Angi Fletcher Collaborations: Teslar Watch


Elemental Superfoods

Angi Fletcher | Collaborations: THERASAGE INFRARED SAUNA


Pur03 Activated Oxygen Skincare

Angi Fletcher | Partnerships: Oura Ring

Oura Ring

Angi Fletcher | Partnerships: Colugo Baby Carrier

Colugo Baby Carrier

Angi Fletcher | Collaborations: Omega Juicer

Omega Juicer

Semina Beds

Angi Fletcher | Collaborations: Buy Ranch Direct

Buy Ranch Direct

Branch Basics

Beekeepers Naturals

Pure Life Health Equipment


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