The Importance of Core Strength in Every Season of Life

For those of you who are new here, allow me to reintroduce myself. I am an athlete and personal trainer who started an Instagram page 7 years ago as a way of sharing my experience of coming through depression, divorce and death.

It has evolved over time to become a personal blog to help utilize the potential of nutrition, exercise and biohacking to see the effects of what that can do both mentally and physically. Our bodies are all unique and we will never look like someone else. Comparison is futile at best, but hopefully motivation or inspiration can come from seeing results that don’t include hours and hours at a gym or counting macros or being imprisoned by depletion.

My journey to flourishing health, both physically and mentally, has been a combination of research/education and experience around what my body needs specifically:

  • NUTRIENTS: fueling my body with proper fats and what supplements I am missing in my daily food intake, what I am able to digest or not and addressing that with bio-available vitamins and minerals.

  • FITNESS: the kind that builds muscle, doesn’t cause massive amounts of inflammation and creates energy + higher oxygen saturation throughout the body and brain, which in turn lessens the symptoms of depression.

  • DETOX: from sugar addiction and inflammatory foods that cause digestive dysfunction and disease in major organs. Along with Ozone and redlight therapy, coffee enemas, saunas and much more.

I have gone from an uneducated, depressed fashion model to a strong and nourished athlete and mommy of 3 (I still can’t believe I get to say that).

I give you these side by side images to stay accountable in practicing what I preach. I have shown you videos on Instagram of how important the TVA is to keep strong during pregnancy and this is why...NOT TO BOUNCE BACK...but to have a strong core to be able to lift and carry your children and keep up with household chores and an active lifestyle and the demands of being a woman. This has all been accomplished with proper nutrition and breathing:


I haven’t done a side by side in 4 months. I’m sharing this now because I’m on a specific health journey and have goals to regain the muscle I have lost during back to back pregnancies and c-section recovery. I am sharing my own personal experiences, but there are always downsides, miscommunication and comparison. That sucks, but I am here to stay true to me and compare my journey to my own while I’m balancing sharing about my many real ups and downs. I hope this motivates you to share along with me in gaining knowledge, digging deep and finding answers to how your own body works and how to be able to LIVE at your best (physically, mentally and spiritually) because it is all connected.

I’ve shared many times before that women who have been pregnant will never “get their body back”.

We never lost our bodies.

We are all continually transforming with age and experience. The awesome thing is we can keep changing and strengthening our miraculous bodies to how we feel confident and comfortable with knowledge and consistency.

There is not enough talk about the importance of what’s going on inside a woman’s body during pregnancy! Pregnancy is still widely seen as an excuse to “eat for two” (even though you only need to consume an extra 300 calories daily) and not have to exercise. I am trying to advocate for women’s optimum health and wellness during pregnancy and postpartum.

Getting your body back after baby has nothing to do with a “bikini body”.

It has everything to do with a strong and healthy pelvic floor and core (TVA) to ensure not peeing when you sneeze or having years of lower back pain or not enjoying sex. When you practice deep breathing and TVA engagement you not only keep your core strong through the inevitable weight gain of baby and dramatic weight loss days post birth but also lessen recovery time of your diastasis post baby!

I believe it's so important to keep your core strong for LIFE and to show that even if you can't exercise during your pregnancy or postpartum due to complications (like I had with my second - placenta previa) you can ALWAYS strengthen your core by breathing deep and engaging your TVA.

Your core is everything. It holds your gut which is your second brain. It holds emotions, food, human life, muscle, fat, grief and joy.

The transverse abdominis is an intrinsic core stabilizer, which helps stabilize your core and spine to help your body function correctly. This muscle is the deepest of the abdominal muscles, and is often referred to as the “corset muscle,” because it wraps around your sides and spine (not attaching to your spine though). So much more important than looks is actual strength. You can work on engaging your core throughout any season in life, including your entire pregnancy!

Angi Fletcher | Blog: The Importance of Keeping Your Core Strength